Bonus points for specific date, product & categories etc..

George shared this idea 5 years ago
Partially Completed

Bonus points (i.e. points multiplier) for shopping and doing other activities on a particular date, range of date, days (e.g. every Tuesday), Duration (e.g. from - to), Every XX (E.g. every Tuesday, every 2nd fortnight). for specific products/ categories (incl & Exclude), etc.

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YES!! Allowing us to assign points to a specific product AND be able to limit purchases with points to specific products and/or categories of products instead of applying the points all at once at checkout. This would include letting us set the "price" of bonus points for a single product. This way, when someone selects a product that can be purchased with cash OR points, the customer can pick the points option, see how many points it will cost, and then add to their cart. The points at the checkout are ONLY applied to that specific product and not the whole cart.


We are pleased to inform that the 1st phase of this feature is now under development. We have completed the requirement and design. The 1st phase will include rewarding bonus points on a particular date, range of dates, days (e.g. every Tuesday), Duration (e.g. from - to).

If you'd like to see the design, please email us at support at appsmav dot com- We'd love to share the designs and get your feedback. We will update once the project moves to the testing phase.


We are pleased to inform you that we have released phase 1 of this requested feature!

This can be found in under Purchase & Referral Program--> 'Bonus points'

We will soon start work on the subsequent phases which will include rewarding bonus points for products/.categories, birthdays / anniversaries, etc.

We look forward to receiving feedback from our customers to support (at) appsmav (dot) com.


Hi Would definately need a feature to allow the bonus points without entering an end date too please :)


Apologies for the delayed reply- This feature is available for the 3 relevant options 'On a particular day' , Repeat day(s) of every week, Repeat one date(s) of every month.


hi, I'm looking for a plugin that allows me to set points for every purchase of products on my site.
For example, I would like to set a score based on the number of products purchased in a specific category of products. For example, if you buy 1 product in the category you get 10 points, if you buy a second it's no longer 10 points but 15. a third product gets 20 points.
therefore the points increase exponentially based on how much products you buy in the same category.
Is it possibile?

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