Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Jackpot prize can be points

AppsMav Team shared this idea 5 years ago

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We would like to inform that we have started scoping the requirement for this


We would like to inform you that currently there are 2 solutions for this.

1. With our recently released enhancement, you can now create any campaign in 'Points' mode instead of the default 'Entry' mode. When an action is completed, the entrant has rewarded the points you had allocated for the action.

2. In the Prizes tab, you can add any type of prize including points, perks and experiences. E.g. 'FREE 1000 Points worth $100'. and once the winner is drawn, you can manually add points to the user's account. by going to 'Gratisfaction Admin' -> 'Users' tab -> Click on the winner name -> 'Add Points' button.

Hope the above two solutions help run campaigns where rewards can be points.

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