Need referral link instead of coupon codes to track the referrals for the loyalty rewards program

Ibraheem Busari shared this idea 5 years ago

Need referral link instead of coupon codes to track the referrals for the loyalty rewards program & offer only points instead of coupons

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We are pleased to inform that we are currently working on defining the requirements for this feature. After this, we will work on the UI and UX followed by development. We will keep you updated on the project


Glad to hear it!

If it helps the discussion, here are a couple of requirements I'm hoping for:

  • Unique referral code for each user, for which they can share to all social platforms.
  • The user sees a number of referrals they have accumulated in their accounts.
  • We can reward users with points for people registering using their link, regardless of whether the user has made a purchase yet. If the user makes a purchase, we can further reward them with a commission on purchases, but not being able to reward users for an initial sign-up seems like a missed opportunity.
    I.e. We also value users on the platform, rather than simply the ones making purchases. So if someone registers on our website as a result of a referral, we would like to reward that too, since the majority of users don't make purchases but still contribute to the success of the platform.
  • As a bit of a side requirement, we would love it if we could decide between 'recurring commission', or 'one-off' with this. I.e. If a user joins as a result of a referral link, we want to reward the referer for EVERY payment transaction in the future, rather than just the first payment (which can sometimes be a small payment). This would help us incentivise referrals a lot more.

Hope it helps!


Hi Alex, Thanks for your comments- We really appreciate it. All of your suggestions will be released over multiple phases. And, we will keep you posted on the progress.


Quick update: We have completed the requirement and design for a redefined referral program. One of the first features to be launched is to have a referral link. We are very keen to share the design and workflow with you for your review and comments. If you would like to see them, please shoot us an email at support (at) appsmav (at) com.

We will keep you posted on the progress. Thanks!


I am writing to inform you that we have released an enhanced version of the referral program now. Thank you.

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