Need Social Sharing option in Referral tab with the customizable message

Purushothaman shared this idea 4 years ago

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Hi People.. Gratisfaction works well on multiple fronts but lacks a good referral system. Any Referral system is as good as its ease of use. In Gratisfaction, a refferal code is shown with a copy button next to it. But when a user tries to refer their friends They have to manually type in sentences and give context to the code that is being shared. They have to tell about your website, products, how to use the code, etc. which is cumbersome and they most probably won't refer simply because its not easy to share.

Under current Gratisfaction referral system, simple modifications like adding a customized sentence which the webstore admin can fill with necessary details like Introduction statement, URL, benefits of the program, how to, or other details will ease the referrers' work and they can simply copy the whole sentence and coupon code as one and paste it in their whatsapp groups/contacts, facebook, etc. at minimum. Please guys vote for this and it'll greatly help all of us.


We are pleased to inform you that we are currently testing this feature and hope to release it early next week.

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