Need support for 'Multi-Vendor' store

Arial Burnz shared this idea 4 years ago
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I'll have vendors who will want to offer some products (or one) in their store, but not all of them. This gives our customers the ability to spend points as they see fit.

Also, will it be possible to automatically transfer those points from one user to another? As mentioned above, I may have vendors selling digital products for points. When someone purchases said products with points, those points are transferred to the vendor selling the product. We're giving vendors the opportunity to redeem those points for advertising in our system. It would certainly make the accounting easier on our end.


Let me be specific in saying that I would like to give the vendors control over which products they are offering for Jingles (which is what we're calling our in-app currency). I want us to have the control of stating which products are eligible for Jingles at the vendor level.

Also, it would be great if the vendor could specify two currencies - dollars or Jingles - and the customer could choose. OR say this item is ONLY selling for Jingles and that product ONLY for dollars.

As I said, we plan on offering some advertising in our system that can be purchased for Jingles, giving those vendors the chance to offer digital products in exchange for Jingles and thereby give them a modest ads budget without it having to come out of their pocket.

I hope all that's clear. LOL

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